Interview: Meet Guido Biondi, President’s Ceo.

Not only does Guido Biondi own one of the coolest names that we’ve ever come across, he also happens to be the CEO of tremendous Tuscan menswear brand President’s. Founded in 1957 this illustrious Italian brand combines tradition with in-depth research to present their own inimitable and uncompromising take on contemporary classics. Which is clearly why [...]

Interview: Ghemon, Italian rapper and song-writer.

President’s in conversation with Ghemon, Italian Rapper that we styled for his new videoclips “Questioni di principio” and “In un certo qual modo”. You started out as a writer, then gradually landed in music and hip-hop in the second half of the 90s. What prompted you to make music rather than graffiti? It would [...]

Interview: Desron Dorset, Vice-president of 76ers.

Can you please give us an intro of your bio.. how did you get into the basket world? I was born on an island in the Caribbean called Saint Kitts but I’ve been a lifelong fan of the NBA. It was always a goal of mine to work with such a prestigious league. Now, I’ve [...]

Interview: Cheryl Dunn

President’s in conversation with Cheryl Dunn, our artist-in-residence for AW17-18. Photos by Alessandro Simonetti. So, let’s start with the backstory of the image featured in this season’s President’s campaign.  Well, I had been documenting boxing for about 9 years in the 90’s. Through a boxing manager from New Jersey, I had access to a world [...]

Interview: Michael Burns

President’s in conversation with Michael Burns, founder of the NYC based M5 Showroom and recently also, M5 Shop. Photos by Thomas Welch.  Your showroom, M5, has become a destination for menswear cognoscenti because you house and sell a fantastic edit of European and Japanese menswear. How did you get into such a specific niche?  It [...]

Interview: Robert Hirsh

President’s in conversation with Robert Hirsh, founder of the Mexico City based menswear store, Silver Deer. Silver Deer has become well-known known around the world as a destination for menswear in the past few years. Tell us about how the store started. Since I was young I always liked fashion and dressing with style. One day, [...]

Interview: Todd Barket

President’s in conversation with Todd Barket, founder of the San Francisco based menswear store, Unionmade. Photos by Kelsey McClellan.  Unionmade has built a reputation as one of the best classic menswear stores in the world. What's the brand's origin story? I have worked in retail all of my adult life. I worked for Gap Inc [...]

Interview: Aaron Stern

President's in conversation with Aaron Stern, our SS17 artist-in-residence. You've published several books and have worked with many blue-chip clients. Tell us about your background and trajectory as a photographer? I grew up taking pictures, drawing, painting, and writing but didn’t think I’d be able to make a living in those fields. So, I owned a creative [...]

Interview: Sebastiano Tomada Piccolomini

President’s in conversation with Sebastiano Tomada Piccolomini, our AW16-17 artist-in-residence.  You're an accomplished photojournalist. Tell us a little about you and your path to where you are. Photography was a passion that came out of nowhere. I have no idea how, where, or when I began learning to use a camera. During my college years [...]

Interview: Sean Michael Beolchini

President's in conversation with Sean Michael Beolchini, creative director of  Super Sunglasses. Photos by Heather Sten. You're a total renaissance man – you've done so much. Can you give us a brief background of you and your work?  Oh! That’s the first time someone ever said that to me! But I honestly don’t think I deserve [...]