President’s in conversation with Robert Hirsh, founder of the Mexico City based menswear store, Silver Deer.

Silver Deer has become well-known known around the world as a destination for menswear in the past few years. Tell us about how the store started.
Since I was young I always liked fashion and dressing with style. One day, on a flight back home from San Francisco in 2011, I started to think about the fact that I liked to shop but that I didn’t want to travel for 4 hours on a plane to do so, coupled with the fact that you could not find interesting luxury men’s fashion in Mexico. Consequently, I saw an opportunity that no one had exploited and in 2012 I opened Silver Deer, offering the best selection of high end men’s fashion brands. In Mexico, Silver Deer is the only retailer that introduces new and edgy brands and we strive to offer a different point of view in terms of product as well as of luxury to the Mexican man.


How did you end up in Mexico City?
In 1998, I worked for a Canadian Bank and they moved me here for a special project. For me it was a life changer, even though I’m a proud Canadian. The weather here is amazing – except it lacks snow – and I’m getting to fulfill my life’s passion.


It’s a city positively buzzing with art and culture and philosophy and some of the best food in the world, right? What are your favorite things about D.F. and your neighborhood?
I find that Mexicans have a very unique way of presenting seafood dishes. There is a place at Colonia Roma, a very hip neighborhood, called Contramar, and it is one of my favorites, the food is amazing. Also, it’s a very concurred place so you will always find someone you know. That’s something amazing of this city, even though it’s the biggest of the world, no matter where you go you will find someone you know!


You always look mighty sharp. Do you have a personal style philosophy of sorts?
I think looking good is feeling good, so I not only think of my style as something I wear, but the way I live. I exercise – running and skiing are my favorite sports – I take care of what I eat, even though I sometimes pamper myself with a little indulgence. I also love to read and keep up in current events.


What is it about President’s that has drawn Silver Deer to the brand? We’re very pleased to be among the many excellent brands in the shop.
President’s is one of my favorite brands, I just love it, not only because I sell it, but even before, when I was just a normal client. The fabrics are top quality, the textures unique, and they’ve managed to keep a fresh and young approach. It fits my style and my customers style to the perfection.

President’s is available at Silver Deer in store and online here.