President’s in conversation with Ghemon, Italian Rapper that we styled for his new videoclips “Questioni di principio” and “In un certo qual modo”.

You started out as a writer, then gradually landed in music and hip-hop in the second half of the 90s. What prompted you to make music rather than graffiti?

It would be easier to ask the opposite question, that is, how the hell did I end up doing graffiti even before music? In fact, when I approached Hip-Hop in 1995, my friends and I were trying to do a little bit of everything: rap, DJ, graffiti, breakdance. Improvising. It was a way to unleash our creativity, to continue with what I felt most inclined to, working on my basic talent, which perhaps I didn’t even know I had at the time.
Constant training is necessary, whether you have great skills or not.

Unlike the stereotype of the contemporary rapper, you carry on the concept of never being aggressive, expressing yourself with the good. How would you define your way of making music?

I am like this also in everyday life, and this is how I behave. However, I always say “don’t mistake my kindness for weakness”. I know how to be respected, but it is not with aggression that I get what I want. I know that in this world, which is sometimes so cynical, there are many people who are in my same part of humanity, in my own heart. I speak to them and with them.

We have many points in common, such as the passion for basketball and street culture. What impressed you of President’s?

President’s idea seems to revisit the style of the Italian tradition, the one that everyone envies us, our roots, our materials and take it to the next level, meeting the new languages of the world,. This is what fashion communicates today by merging with streetwear. I saw all this in your brand and I identified with it. I found everything so elegant and stylish, without urgency to be loud. That’s what I mean for style.

What are the items that can never be missing in your wardrobe?

Wow, really difficult question. Sneakers, first of all. I collect them and I have more than 500 pairs. Always new t-shirts, because that’s something I never give up. And a camel-colored coat or raincoat, because even if you wear a suit underneath, it solves an entire outfit.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with you for the styling of the video “Questioni di principio”, a song that summarizes your path from 2007 to present. How do you find difficult to maintain your identity in such a fickle world?

It is very difficult to be original and different, in such a global world, where everyone is constantly playing for their own opportunity, the famous “15 minutes of celebrity”, as Warhol said. We must be constant and understand that our real resource is to be ourselves.