Can you please give us an intro of your bio.. how did you get into the basket world?

I was born on an island in the Caribbean called Saint Kitts but I’ve been a lifelong fan of the NBA. It was always a goal of mine to work with such a prestigious league. Now, I’ve been with the Philadelphia 76ers for six seasons. From 10-win seasons to 50-win seasons to our current-day Championship mentality, it has been a great journey.

The sixers performed very well last season. What do you think are the keys to success?

Over the course of the season, the team has seen a lot of changes to its roster. You could argue that these changes could have gone either way. Fortunately for us, the team was able to gel down the stretch and perform at an elite level. The team’s chemistry is what makes us so strong. Right now, we have arguably the most talented roster in the NBA and only time will tell where we go from here. We expect great things from the 76ers in 2020 and beyond.

You travel a lot around the world; do you have an object that accompanies you, of which you never separate?

My Apple Watch. Over the past couple years, I’ve prioritized my health and wellness. My Apple Watch does a great job of tracking my movement throughout the day and telling me when I need to breathe. Whenever I travel to a new city, I always go out for a run to really get a feel for the place and my watch always accompanies me.

Among your travels, you also came to visit us in Italy. Favorite dish?

Anything with truffles.

Even in the NBA world, there is a lot of attention to fashion. What is the favorite items from the players?

As I look from afar, I’d say players pay a lot of attention to their footwear. Footwear is huge. Whether or not they endorse a particular brand, sneaker culture has engrained itself into the NBA and beyond. Coming in a close second is easily the accessory bag.

What struck you about President’s?

I was introduced to the brand by a close friend of mind, Dustin Lewis. I think I went four days straight wearing one of President’s flannel shirts, so I went back to Dustin like, “I need more from this brand.” Ironically, Dustin was planning a visit to President’s headquarters and asked if I was available. I made the trip and instantly fell in love with President’s appreciation for fabrics and production. Now, I’m a fan for life and can’t wait for us to do more with President this upcoming season.