They say the clothes make the man, but it is the details that make the clothes. If the generations of Italian saper-fare that goes into each and every President’s garment has taught us one thing, it is that quality and excellence come from doing the small, subtle things very the best way possible.

We always start with the finest fabrics: Egyptian cottons, quality cashmeres, and selections from esteemed Italian textile houses Larusmiani and Loro Piana. Each is chosen according to its performance, its feel, its drape, and the way it wears over time. And because no fine fabric performs on its own, the way in which we put them together is equally important. We break a few tried-and-true rules of apparel design when it means making a better garment. For example, unlike any industrial apparel brand, and unlike even the vast majority of luxury brands, we make use of the strongest, most durable stitching methods, even if that means more time and cost.

All of our denim is fine Japanese selvedge, and sewn together with antique machines with double and triple stitches for natural wear and the maximum longevity. Our tags are made of Santa Croce leather.

The inner layer of your clothes are rarely seen by others, so it is quite common to pass them over or pay little attention to them in order to cut costs. But we know that linings are critical: you are in intimate contact with them and feel them every minute you wear the garment. For that reason, President’s takes special pride in its linings, from the reclaimed Indian wallpaper print in the Kadavu Jacket to the wind-resistant parachute lining in the Freddy Jacket.

Elevated Basics
Even the most casual garments deserve some love. From our classic T’s to our minimal Crewnecks in Japanese cotton or fine cashmere, we find that basics made well out of the best materials last longer, wear better, and they’ll become beloved staples in your wardrobe.

Whether it’s the brass zips on a bag, the real bone buttons on the Giza shirt, or the reinforced button enclosures on the indigo selvedge Blazer, we pay special attention to the parts of the garment that go through the most stress. Solid hardware makes your garment look brand new for longer.


See the SS16 Lookbook.