We were saddened to learn recently that one of our favorite menswear titles, Inventory Magazine, has printed its last issue. Nevertheless, one of the very last online features the magazine published is an excellent longform interview with President’s creative director, Guido Biondi.

As a bit of a silver lining, we hear from a good source that Ryan Willms, Inventory‘s creative director and editor – who interviewed and photographed Guido for the piece – is working on a brand new editorial project.

Guido on President’s and surf culture:

“Surfing is one of my biggest passions. I’m not a good surfer, but I really like the atmosphere of the West Coast and Los Angeles. When I design collections for the summer, I take a lot of inspiration from the West Coast. It influences the fabrics I choose – nice feeling jersey or cotton – and also the different print applications. For the T-shirts that we make, we get the feeling and style from California, but try to be more sophisticated. I like to use like Japanese application T-shirts and maybe Bermuda shorts with the best cotton and linen from Japan or Italy. My idea is to use street wear and often basic inspirations, but elevate them in a unique way through my own perspective and the best construction possible.”

On textiles and construction:

“What I want to do with President’s is to create a sort of melting pot of fabric and selection, to create difference, but find a natural balance it in. Between Loro Piana yarns, Japanese ripstop and the best Italian poplin, alongside Egyptian cotton and rough denim, striking the right balance between all of these textures and shapes is important to me, and hopefully the customer can see that too.” – Guido Biondi

Read the interview here.

Farewell, Inventory. You were the coolest.