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Knitwear and Sweatshirts

Sweater weather might be nearly a memory, but knitwear and sweatshirts are still a man's wardrobe necessity during spring and summer too.

The fine cotton polos are part of P's Essentials: a selection of must-have garments for the contemporary man’s wardrobe. The fabric is 100% Giza Cotton, the finest Egyptian cotton in the world: extra fine and extra long. It represents less than one percent of the total local production, being absolutely a state-of-the-art product, extremely rich in tradition.

The lightweight wool and cashmere sweaters, garment dyed or with a cool tye-dye effect, have a regular fit that rests softly along the body.

In the spare time, be casual but stay cool, choosing the heavy cotton sweatshirts: essential items that become unique by using craft tecnique like hand-painting, tye-dye effect and surf inspired prints.

The President’s philosophy is to make every single garment unique and excellent, a synthesis of the world’s best fabrics and Tuscan know-how.

Prep for breezy season with our collection of knitwear and sweatshirt in premium materials.

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  1. Hoody P'S On The Face
    As low as $286.00
  2. Sweatshirt P'S Essential White Melange
    As low as $276.00
  3. Sweatshirt P'S Hand Paint
    As low as $364.00
  4. Sweater P'S Wool & Cashmere G.D.
    As low as $312.00
  5. Sweater P'S Wool & Cashmere
    As low as $398.00
  6. Polo Knit S/S P'S Essential White
    As low as $364.00
  7. Polo Knit S/S P'S Essential Black
    As low as $364.00
  8. Hoody Sweater by NIKO
    As low as $285.00
  9. Polo Extra Fine Merino Wool by NIKO
    As low as $369.00

10 Items

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